The Spa for couples is the way to break a hectic daily life and suspend the flow of time to reach a world of fulfillment with the love of your life.
Santa Marta its a magical city where you can get lost with all of it's beauty, that's why we are recommending you the best area to stay a enjoy the most your visit to this city.
Discover why booking a room in a Boutique Hotel is your best choice when visiting Santa Marta.
Discover what makes different a Boutique Hotel in from a Resort Hotel, and discover why Placita Vieja is your best options when visiting Santa Marta.
Soundwalkrs is a digital experience that allows you to tour the city of Santa Marta accompanied by the voice of Colombia's singer-songwriter, Carlos Vives.
The use of water as a relaxation therapy is not a current procedure, unlike our ancestors, the Tayronas of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta considered sea water as something sacred and...
Touring a city is an essential part of the trip or the vacation to any destination. But cycling has a special magic, as well as being good for health, you protect the environment and you can...